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Certified Nurse Aide
Earn $45K plus (about $865/week)
July 15, 2024
register 2 weeks early
$1500 (promo) $375 x 4wks
Immediate Job Placement Assstance
Summer is here...time to start a new career

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Nursing Assistant/Nurses Aide Program 

We are the school where people get hired from 
Start working in a little over four weeks

Its not just a J O B...................................Its a C A R E E R 

NYC has well over 1000 facilities where there is work 24/7. There isn't any reason why a motivated certificate holder should not be able to get a job.

Next CNA Classes 
July 15, 2024

Please register at least one week in advance to ensure a seat

CNA's already in nursing school
       have a career path when they graduate

ATTENTION PA STUDENTS.....get your clinical experience as a CNA  


Approved by Veterans Administration
Post 9/11  G I Bill®
Approved for Benefits by the State Approving Agency and the VA


Eligible candidates may receive Vouchers



POST 9 / 11 G I BILL



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Thinking about becoming a Registered Nurse ??
Not sure if you're ready to commit to 2 - 4 years of Nursing School yet ?

Why not work as a Certified Nursing Assistant first and see if Nursing is the career path for you ??
Become a CNA in just 4 short weeks at The New Millennium Training Center !!

CNAs in New York earn an average starting salary of $45,000 per year (that's $865.00 plus per week) with some making more than $50,000 with OT ..night time differential pays even more>>>sometimes as much as $2.00 MORE AN HOUR ( and there is holiday time, time and half, union benefits and raises on top of that). Just imagne the raises that you will get year after year !!!    It depends on the facility and we will always let students know about job openings and new orientation classes as we hear of them. Being that this is a nice salary for an entry level medical position, it is recommended for those that would like to work in the medical field but do not want to do four or more years of education at a university. In order to work as a CNA you must be certified. To become certified, the first step is to enroll to take CNA classes.

Would you like to become a CNA in Staten Island, New York? You have arrived at the right place. Learn everything you need to become a CNA with our CNA classes in Staten Island NY. With the demand for CNA’s in Staten Island NY going up in today’s job market, there is no better time than today to start CNA classes in Staten Island and become a Certified Nurse Aide.

CNA classes in Staten Island, New York prepare students to receive their nursing assistant certificate and license in the State of New York. By becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, you will be able to find a job in the following places:

  • Staten Island Nursing Hospitals
  • Staten Island Nursing Homes
  • Staten Island Home Health Care Agencies
  • Staten Island Assisted Living Facilities
  • Staten Island Staffing Agencies
  • Staten Island Hospices
  • Staten Island Doctor Offices
  • Staten Island Practice Groups
  • Staten Island Day Care Centers and Schools
  • Staten Island Medical Clinics
  • Staten Island Urgent Care Centers
  • Over 400 Nursing Homes in Brooklyn alone
  • Over 100 Hospitals
  • People are always hiring the RIGHT PEOPLE



You can’t find a better deal than this… 4 week class, good paying job with overtime, union health benefits, union reimbursement for taking class, professional position, respect, part of a nursing team, go from state to state with New York License, no matter where you go… you have a good paying job with benefits… tax write off for education and training in most cases.

       Many Nursing Students fom all over the NYC Metro Area take this fast One Month Class for Experience in

CNA Training in Staten Island NY


Certified Nursing Assistant Training in Staten Island, New York

CNAs in Staten Island, New York earn an average salary of $45,000 plus per year (more over closer to $ 50K plus......about $900 plus/per wk)). Obviously as a new staff member, you're probably going to be asked to do your share of overtime and double shifts. It just happens in this field but the upside of that is you will probably also make that additional 5K - 10K  or more, on top of your annual salary. So its not hard to see how CNAs are doing better than alot of people out of college when it comes to earnings. As this is a good salary for an entry level position in the healthcare field, many people are opting to undergo CNA training classes in Staten Island. The New Millennium Training Center is tops when it comes to fast training with quality results. CNA training in Staten Island can be your stepping stone towards a successful career in the field of health care or the nursing industry.  Remember, its the school that you get hired out of that counts..  TIP:........ Brooklyn has over 400 Nursing Homes alone and 100 Hospitals !!!!

Certified Nursing Assistants, also abbreviated as CNA are respected, supportive care providers who help their patients with ADLs or Activities of Daily Living.  They work on instructions from doctors, registered nurses or licensed nurses.  CNAs can get a job at hospitals, private homes or residential nursing facilities.

If you do not have any intensive training in the medical or nursing field, then applying for a certified nursing assistant program may be your best option.  This will help you secure a career in the medical industry and earn good income.

Take advantage of our next session and pre-enroll now!

Some of the many benefits of studying with The New Millennium Training Center include:

  • Becoming a Certified Nurses Aide in as little as four weeks!
  • No High School Diploma or GED needed! 
We will give you the Ability-to-Benefit Test.
  • Vouchers Accepted
  • Take the State Board Exam with confidence immediately upon completion of program
  • (practice exams with answers and videos of clinical skills provided to each student )
  • Job placement assistance
  • Ample eateries surrounding the school in a well-lit area.
  • Extremely convenient location to all forms of public transportation, making it accessible from Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan and New Jersey. Students come from all over the city and New Jersey on a daily basis.
  • Work in a professional setting!
  • Learn and Earn!
  • Guaranteed Externship at Silver Lake Specialized Care Center!

How do I get started?

Entrance Requirements:

All applicants for the Certified Nurse Aide/ Nursing Assistant program must be 17 years or older.

High School Diploma or G.E.D. from any country or its equivalent or education of higher order or Ability to Benefit Exam.

All students must have a completed physical examination prior to entering into their externship phase of the training as well as prior to having any patient contact. The physical examination must be submitted to the school by the end of the second week of training. This is a requirement from the New York State Commissioner of Health and is a standard practice throughout the United States.

The school maintains a staff of representatives responsible for admissions.These representatives are New York State Education Department Licensed School Agents. Prospective students are required to schedule an interview at The New Millennium Training Center with the admission personnel.  At this time the representative will gladly explain the school's program in detail.

Students must demonstrate a willingness to attend classes on a regular basis and take an active role in the overall program.  Before registering students are informed that they will be required to purchase a white uniform that will conform to the standards of a RHCF during the clinical phase of the training program.


What will I learn during The New Millennium Training Center's CNA course?

This Program consists of 125 hours of training in Nurses Aide/Nursing Assistant curriculum.  Through classroom and clinical settings, both theory and practical knowledge is taught in all aspects of being a Nurses Aide/Nursing Assistant which include:

The Roll of the Nursing Assistant:

  • Introduction to Health Care
  • The Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Relating to your patients

Safety for the Patient and the Nursing Assistant:

  • Infection Control
  • Environmental safety, Accident Prevention, and Disaster Plans
  • Emergency Situations

Basic Nursing Skills:

  • Body Systems and Common Diseases
  • Vital signs
  • Positioning, Moving and Ambulation

Providing Personal Care and Comfort to the Patient:

  • The Patients Environment
  • Hygiene and Grooming
  • Special Skin Care
  • Nutrition
  • Elimination Needs
  • Specimen Collection and Training
  • AM and PM Care
  • Restorative Care and Rehabilitation

Specialized Care Procedures:

  • Preoperative and Postoperative Care
  • Subacute Care
  • Special Skills in Long-Term Care


We provide each student with practice exams with all of the State Board Exam Questions and Answers plus a clinical checklist with exactly all of the clinical questions and answers for the State Test. Each student receives a video information paper so they can view each clinical skill repeatedly.

Graduation Requirements:

  • All students must attain a 70% average in classroom theory and attain a satisfactory completion of all training. 


Once I complete my CNA course what is the next step?

Upon completion of the Nurses Aide/Nursing Assistant curriculum, students will receive a certificate of completion and will be eligible to take the New York State Board Exam.  Successful completion of the exam qualifies the applicant for a New York State Nurses Aide Certification/License.  After receiving a Nurses Aide Certificate, a graduate is then qualified to pursue a variety of opportunities in the nursing, health field.  Such opportunities may include, but are not limited to seeking employment in residential healthcare facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, restorative care facilities, healthcare agencies, and the private sector. Immediately after the completion of the class, you are a Nurse Aide/Nursing Assistant.


.........About CNAs

The demand for CNAs may soon outstrip the supply. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that by early in the next decade, 600,000 CNAs will be needed making this occupation one of the fastest-growing in the nation. As the elderly population grows, the need for CNAs to care for them increases. At the same time, lower birth rates mean fewer workers entering the CNA workforce. At the same time more corporate organizartions are investing their resources into building more nursing homes or residential healthcare facilities across the nation.

Out of 12 possible reasons for selecting the CNA job,....." because I need money" was ranked 8th by 600 CNAs polled. Their highest-rated replies: " It gives me an opportunity to help others" (96%),...." It makes me feel meaningful" (93%), ....and  " It's useful to society" (84%).

Certified Nursing Assistants have varying backrounds. About half are age 35, but 10% are over age 55. About 30% belong to a minority group. Three quarters have at least a high school education, and 16% have some education beyond high school. About half have one child under 18. 

CNAs have a trememdous impact on the well being of the residents in healthcare facilities. Studiies have shown that the day-to-day relationships with staff members- not quality of food or care, is the most important factor influencing residenrts' feelings of overall well-being.

CNAs have all achieved a New York State Certificate that permits them to join the professional nursing department within facilitiies and conduct supervised patient care activities, earning a desirable salary, time & 1/2 and union benefits, all of which takes about one solid month. What other industry can say they can do that ??  Truth be told... a lot people coming out of college have a harder time finding work and that's after four (4) years of expensive education.


If you are searching to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (also known as CNA), you will find numerous CNA training classes to get you prepared for your brand-new career. Many people believe that this profession won’t provide them with the security they need or want, or that it won’t make them the money they need to survive. This just isn’t true. This career choice can be very rewarding (both monetarily and spiritually) and at the same time, can offer you many opportunities in the medical field. Due to the downward spiral of the current economy, many career choices aren’t wise – but don’t worry, the medical field is always needed. A growing number of patients require higher standards when it comes to treatment, so CNA training becomes very necessary. CNA training can give you a stable career and salary, so why not join this growing field! You have a chance to make a difference in people’s lives, and at the same time, help yourself grow and have a bright future. When asked what you do for a living, you can say "I'm in the nursing field and can work anywhere in the country with my certificate."

Acquiring Your CNA Training

To become a licensed and certified nursing assistant, you will need to comply with a CNA training program to help aide you with licensing standards. Don’t worry though – in comparison to many other careers in the medical field, CNA training does not take several years. Not only can you start working right after you finish the course, the training itself can be finished in 4 weeks. It’s only about 125 hours of studying, and there is also on-hands training at various clinics so you can learn to take care of actual patients (it’s not all theory). To be licensed, you also need to pass a state test.  Once you finish the CNA certification exam, you can start working immediately (and in some cases, with permission, you can work during the CNA training program).

Communication skills are incredibly important in the field of nursing and certified nursing assistants.  You have to deal with a wide range of people, including sick patients, doctors, family members, and many others.  It’s important to learn how to communicate in a comfortable manner, so on the job training is crucial for this field.

Check this out. This is from a websiite of a great video library from a school in Wisconsin. This video is just a sample of similar free videos that you can find online.  It has a great variety of professional CNA skills. They make a great guide to standardized competency levels for anyone working as a Nursing Assistant. *** *** 

*** TNMTC posted this video library website to be viewed only as an example of websites that provide for public access, nursing assistant competency skills videos. TNMTC takes no credit nor makes any claims regarding any video sources that are available to the puiblic via the internet or on this website.