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9:17 am on October 20, 2021
The school is well known and the placed me in a job immediately after completing my training at $22/hr to start. Highly recommend this school.

12:10 pm on June 11, 2021
ABSOLUTELY AWESOME CLASS. I will be starting soon on night shift @$22/hr They placed me immediately..Thank You

Marie G
1:42 pm on June 4, 2021
The classes were wonderful, the whole experience was wonderful and the clinical in the nursing home was so real with the vent unit and ICU unit

10:45 am on April 20, 2021
great class, staff, location...practice exams with answers and study videos

Cris C
3:41 pm on December 30, 2020
Myself and my daughter are MAs and together make a great team. We actually learned so much and had seen so may patients, we both felt like we were veterans.

Abraham M
6:09 pm on October 28, 2020
The training was excellent and prepared me for my license examination which I passed easily...Thank you

8:40 pm on September 14, 2020
The Medical Assistant class was awesome. I never thought that we would actually be working with real equipment and patients but we did that alot and became great

3:29 pm on August 22, 2020
My time at The New Millennium was unforgettable. I am glad that the school survived the Covid 19 closing and you're able to train essential workers agin...Good Luck

2:11 pm on December 19, 2019
I graduated back in 2015 , and the Medical Assistant class was wonderful as well as the professor

9:01 am on October 27, 2019
What a great class got hired nights right away 21/hr thank you

Caroline O.
12:11 pm on September 23, 2019
Job placement was immediate and I can not tell you how pleased I am that I went to New Millennium school

11:02 am on August 14, 2019
Thnx Millennium I'm a CMA started at $ 23/hr with benefits

9:27 am on July 12, 2019
Fun classes ....everything was taught in steps easy to learn ....the best my license then they placed me in a great job

8:30 am on May 15, 2019
Thank you for my immediate job placement at nearly $20/hr Miss Marie is the best teacher

Robert Z
9:17 am on May 7, 2019
A wonderful experience and it was only 4 wks and I was licensed and placed in a nursing home right away making excellent salary with benefits.

Jerry G
7:04 am on April 17, 2019
Just wanted to say what a rich and rewarding experience I had training at The New Millennium school. So much hands on training that I never wanted to miss a day.

10:50 am on March 26, 2019
My family are so proud of me for reaching my goalls as a Medical Assistnt. I trained and got a job both close to home. Thank you to my instructor for being the best

2:45 pm on February 6, 2019
Great experience from classroon to externship to job placemeng. Thank You

9:21 am on February 6, 2019
Had a great experience working with the students and teacher. The hands on part of the class taught me to work fast and theoroughly. I’ve benefited since I finished school here by working with a top doctor which now lead me to work for one of the largest healthcare systems.

10:26 am on December 14, 2018
Just wanted to say how I have benefited from my CMA training these days. I work in a hospital where they hired me right away with my national certification and they have since promoted me to office manager .

7:46 am on November 8, 2018
Dear Mr. Art.....You were true to your word. You taught me how to look the look, talk the talk and walk the walk. Thank you for my $19/hr CNA job

2:38 pm on September 4, 2018
I wish we had teachers in HS like at Millennium School. Everything was crystal clear and easy to retain which made getting licensed easy.

Carolyn Hunter
4:17 pm on August 4, 2018

11:43 am on June 26, 2018
Greatest trade school everrrrrrr Thnx

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