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Abraham M
6:09 pm on October 28, 2020
The training was excellent and prepared me for my license examination which I passed easily...Thank you

8:40 pm on September 14, 2020
The Medical Assistant class was awesome. I never thought that we would actually be working with real equipment and patients but we did that alot and became great

3:29 pm on August 22, 2020
My time at The New Millennium was unforgettable. I am glad that the school survived the Covid 19 closing and you're able to train essential workers agin...Good Luck

2:11 pm on December 19, 2019
I graduated back in 2015 , and the Medical Assistant class was wonderful as well as the professor

9:01 am on October 27, 2019
What a great class got hired nights right away 21/hr thank you

Caroline O.
12:11 pm on September 23, 2019
Job placement was immediate and I can not tell you how pleased I am that I went to New Millennium school

11:02 am on August 14, 2019
Thnx Millennium I'm a CMA started at $ 23/hr with benefits

9:27 am on July 12, 2019
Fun classes ....everything was taught in steps easy to learn ....the best my license then they placed me in a great job

8:30 am on May 15, 2019
Thank you for my immediate job placement at nearly $20/hr Miss Marie is the best teacher

Robert Z
9:17 am on May 7, 2019
A wonderful experience and it was only 4 wks and I was licensed and placed in a nursing home right away making excellent salary with benefits.

Jerry G
7:04 am on April 17, 2019
Just wanted to say what a rich and rewarding experience I had training at The New Millennium school. So much hands on training that I never wanted to miss a day.

10:50 am on March 26, 2019
My family are so proud of me for reaching my goalls as a Medical Assistnt. I trained and got a job both close to home. Thank you to my instructor for being the best

2:45 pm on February 6, 2019
Great experience from classroon to externship to job placemeng. Thank You

9:21 am on February 6, 2019
Had a great experience working with the students and teacher. The hands on part of the class taught me to work fast and theoroughly. I’ve benefited since I finished school here by working with a top doctor which now lead me to work for one of the largest healthcare systems.

10:26 am on December 14, 2018
Just wanted to say how I have benefited from my CMA training these days. I work in a hospital where they hired me right away with my national certification and they have since promoted me to office manager .

7:46 am on November 8, 2018
Dear Mr. Art.....You were true to your word. You taught me how to look the look, talk the talk and walk the walk. Thank you for my $19/hr CNA job

2:38 pm on September 4, 2018
I wish we had teachers in HS like at Millennium School. Everything was crystal clear and easy to retain which made getting licensed easy.

Carolyn Hunter
4:17 pm on August 4, 2018

11:43 am on June 26, 2018
Greatest trade school everrrrrrr Thnx

11:50 am on May 17, 2018
My whole life changed once i started working as a CNA. I always have plenty of full time work and overtime and am never short of money. Great school !!

1:04 pm on February 1, 2018
I didn't think I would enjoy any program as much as I've enjoyed taking this one. The MA instructor is the best and classes were such fun that it made learning easy. I became really good with my clinical skills and they loved me at my Dr.s office.

11:01 am on November 22, 2017
We were the group that always out did each other and had so much fun while learning our skills. What a great atmosphere to learn in! And Mr.Art's cool red mustang convertible.

11:42 am on November 16, 2017
What an amazing and fun experience. It passed so quickly I couldn't believe it. We were all so fond of each other. Millennium does what they say they will do and we were immediately placed. I love my office experience.

2:24 pm on November 2, 2017
Just want to say thank you to all of the staff at The New Millennium Training Center. My training was top notch and both shorter and less costly than other schools I interviewed. Keep up the good work.

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