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4:40 pm on April 4, 2012
I am a Professional Medical Assistant and am scheduled to take the National Competency Exam with the National Healthcare Association. Thanks to The New Millennium, my training was complete and my internship site didn't want me to leave and offered me a position right after graduation with a pay increase after three months and another one in six months. Its just like the school said and it really does pay to go to the right school and my entire programs was at least 3 Xs less expensive than anywhere else...Thnks New Millennium and Staff for all you've done for me and my family. I will recommend your school to anyone I run into.

1:19 pm on April 4, 2012
I was very satisfied with the training that I received at The New Millennium Training Center. My quick 4 week class not only got me a NYS license as a CNA, but I also landed a job right out of school making $17.50/hr to start and in 3 months I get an increase and a chance to do lots of time and half and weekends too. Only 4 weeks opened up new dooros to my financial solutions. Its a pretty good feeling knowing I have extra money in my pocket after paying off all of my bills each month. This was money well spent !!

11:38 am on February 15, 2012
The New Millennium Training Center gave me the opportunity to quickly get a good paying job at a nursing home with union benefits. I think the instructror made it easy for us and Mr. Art is a great lecturer who really prepared all of us for proper resume writing and interview technique that paid off when I went for interviews. I am currently making more money than I ever did before and I work nearly full time at two differnt facilities. I'm used to the hours noow and the double pay checks gave me a new life.

10:49 am on January 21, 2012
Our CNA class was fast and fun, just like Mr. Art said it would be and the fact that the instructor Miss Marie gave us the State Board book with all of the questions that we would be asked on the clinical plus practice exams and answers for the writrten,....made this CNA class a no brainer. Why oh why didn't they teach us like this when I was in high school ??? I don't care what your plan A is, this is a great plan B that's only 4 weeks. I don't know of another job industry for me, wherfe I train for 4 weeks and can find work that pays over 40K with over times and holiday pay plus benefits ...Thank you Millennium for showing me a future that wasn't complicated or expensive to achieve..SCOTT

3:38 pm on January 2, 2012
Thank you very much for helping me make a successful career change that took only 4 short weeks. I'm earning over $18/hr part time but soon I'll go to full time and that means weekly extra shifts at time and 1/2. The New Millennium taught me how to hit the ground running and the people at the nursing home know the school and the caliber of their training, so that was a plus when I had my interview and got hired.

Julia B.
4:44 pm on November 10, 2011
posted: Thursday, Nov 10 2:07pm The New Millennium Training Center helped me see that I could become a professional Certified Nursing Assistant and work as part of the Nursing Department at a large nursing home on Staten Island. The class was fast and inexpensive (4 weeks). They teach you how to take and pass the State Board Exam. In class the RN gives you the actual skills that are on the State Board Exam with all of the answers and then we practice the and take the exam...123 easy. Now I'm a CNA. I would recommend New Millennium to my friends and anyone looking to get into nursing school. Julia, Staten Island, NY

3:21 pm on November 9, 2011
I have since brought many of my family members and my fellow West Africans to The New Millennium Training Center for their certificate training. The school really helps you with the necessary preparation for the state board exam with actual skills checklists and practice written exams with all of the answers on the back, for the state board. No wonder we all graduate and come to The New Millennium for success and job carrers. We Look the Look, we Talk the Talk and we Walk the Walk....just like Mr. Art taught us to do..Thank you.

1:02 pm on October 26, 2011
Both my sister and I have rained at The New Millennium Training Center and have gotten positions at the Staten Island Unicversity Hospital. I have to be honest, the administrator told me exactly what to expect and 4 wqeeks later, I was finished and took my NYS Board Exam right in the classroom, passed and used the school's free interview training classes to land a job almost immediately. Caan't do better than that !!

5:42 pm on October 25, 2011
Look Professional It was a Monday, my first day job hunting looking for a position as a CNA. I had my white scrubs on, stethoscope around my neck and a portfolio in my hand ready to approach the world as it was. My portfolio was a transparent folder containing all my information and documentations: resume and cover letter on ivory color resume paper with a picture on the right hand corner attached, all my certifications, recommendations letters, my medical, and a copy of my driver’s license and social security card. I had one portfolio ready for each facility I was going to walk in ready at hand. I made a list that morning of the facilities I wanted to go into that day.As I went into each facility, in my uniform, stethoscope and my portfolio, I requested at each one to speak to the Director of Nursing in order to inquire about a position. In all of the facilities I filled out an application and handed in my portfolio to keep on record.When I stepped into Eger Nursing Home, and requested to speak to the Director of Nursing, the security guard said that they were in meeting but I can fill out an application. After about a half hour, I went back to the security guard with my application filled out. The security guard said they were still in meeting, so I asked if there was someone else I can speak to, to inquire about a position. The security guard took me to women. I handed in my application and portfolio and she looked at me and said (as she was putting my application on a stack of them) we will call you by ends week.Next, I went in to Golden Gates Nursing Home and requested to speak to the Director of Nursing. When the Director of Nursing came out, I said to her, “I am inquiring about a position here as a CNA in your facility”. Once I said that, I handed her my portfolio. She took one look at me and said, “If it weren’t for the fact that I am so busy today, I would interview you and hirer you right on the spot.” She requested me to come in the following day for a group interview.The next day, I got up again and put on my white scrubs and stethoscope around my neck, ready for my interview. I went in to Golden Gates nursing home with confidence and was filed in a room with about 15-20 candidates applying for the same position. When it was my turn to be interviewed, I walked into the Director of Nursing’s office and sat down. I brought to the table such enthusiasm that within 3 minutes of my interview I was hired. Out of the 20 candidates that were applying for the same position, only three people got hired. Not only that, but during my interview, she told me that I bring so much enthusiasm and that I will be the first new graduate that they would hire at Golden Gates, as they don’t ever hire new grads. The Director of Nursing could not say no in hiring me- as I looked and acted very professional.After my interview, I got a call the same day from Eger Nursing home. The person on the phone said they would like to interview me tomorrow morning. When I went in the next day to Eger nursing home for my interview, I brought to them the same enthusiasm and professionalism as I brought to Golden Gates the day before. Within 3 minutes again to my interview, I was hired.I felt very proud of myself for what I accomplished in such a short amount of time. Of course at this point, I had to determine which job I wanted- but it felt good that I was in demand.Be professional, look professional, and act professional. This is the key to success! by Naomi, Staten Island NY October 24, 2011

5:53 pm on August 31, 2011
By Father is a retired NYPD detective and he was satisfied after checking this school out and as a matter of fact became friends with the School Director Mr. Art. I found the instructorMS Kelly to vbe one of the best teachers I ever had. She made the MA class fun and I felt very comfortable taking and passing my National Competency Exam, all because of Ms Kelly and the other students because we broke intoo small groups and studied together. To me,this was like going to a mini college and as a FUll Medical Assistant I'm working and my father is always boasting about me and this school. Thanks for setting me up in a profession.

3:26 pm on August 30, 2011
The school is in a great spot for med assist with Dr offices all around you.

1:34 pm on August 30, 2011
I took the Certified Nursing Assistant class at The Millennium Training Center and I honestly thought that it was the best class with the best RN instructor. I aced my state board exam because they gave us all of the practice tests with the Q & As. You can't ask for a better deal and my new job at Clove Lakes Nursing Home puts me in the 40K club with 1199 benefits. Thank you all at Millennium.

1:27 pm on August 30, 2011
My program gave me an opportunity to become independent with enough money to geet my own aprtment and move out of my house. Now I go to my medical office and look forward to being part of the professional team and I owe it all to taking my classes at The New Millennium Training Center. You can't get a better school and all of the doctors know them because they been around for so long too.

The Duke
6:21 pm on August 2, 2011
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Mat Z
1:14 pm on July 23, 2011
Great Certified Nursing Assistant Training The school is cool and Mr. Art tells it like it is if you want to be taken seriously. Some people who attend still think they're 14 years old and are simple and won't get jobs in a professional setting like a nursing home or hospital. But if you are serious about being part of what's happening and making a decent living with benefits, then you'd better listen to what he has to say and he'll help you become sucessful like they've done for so many others. You're wasting your money and other people's time if you're a trouble maker and still think that this school was like when you were in HS with the boys..This is a whole other thing with professionals. I am getting a great job as a CNA thanks to Mr. Art and The New Millennium Training Center and am proud to write this review ! July 23, 2011 by Mat in Staten Island, NY

3:47 pm on July 18, 2011
Thank you for all of the good advice on how to properly prepare for a job interview. If it weren't for this schoopl, my nursing home never would've hired me. They told me how to look and what to bring with me and what to say that made the differece. Iwould recommend this school to my friends. I have a license to work anywhere I go and that's som ething in my book. Thank you again New Millennium and staff.

Pricilla E.
6:44 pm on June 23, 2011
The New Millennium Training Center isn't just the best school in Staten Island, its the one you get hired from and me and my friends all basically went on interviews after the school set up appointments and we were told when we were going to start working. We couldn't believe it. Lucky or not...thank you Pricilla

Marie E
6:38 pm on June 23, 2011
Mr. Art it was very cool the way you made a couple of phonecalls and set me up for a job. Thanks for're the best

4:28 pm on June 15, 2011
I was a medical technician back in my country but when I came to the US I couldn't use my credentials so I was going to enroll into a college. The New Millennium Training Center in Staten Island offered a CNA class that was only 4 weeks in length and I just finished and took my NYS Board Exam and passed. People coming out of college aren't going to make $17.50/hr like I'm going to start at in July. I'm not saying forget college, but why not make around 45K/yr while you're going to school also. Thanks to The New Millennium and their wonderful staff.

11:34 am on June 14, 2011
I went from $ 7.50/hr to $ 17/ hr by becoming a CNA I was a home health aide and I couldn't make any extra money or get extra hours no matter how I tried. My agency said it depends on the case and not on them. So I checked out The New Millennium's website and spoke with them and then visited the school and spoke with past graduates who just finished as well as people that were in a new class and I only heard positive reviews. I enrolled and in only four (4) short weeks I joined the ranks and am also a Nursing Assistant. I 'm taking my State Board Exam next week in the classroom, but I'm not worried because we were given all of the questions and answers on the practice tests and we did them everyday so this is going to be a no brainer. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to make decent money after only 4 weeks of training. This was a great move on my part and I did it !! June 14, 2011 by Tommy in Staten Island, NY

5:30 pm on June 13, 2011
The New Millennium Training Center was affordable compared to other schools in the area and half the time so I could still work and be with my family. I would recommend this fine school to anyone. I f you really want to learn what Medical Assisting is all about take your classes a The New Millennium Training Center

9:40 am on April 28, 2011
I was thoroughly pleased with the information and training that I received while taking the Medical Assistant program. When I went looking for a job, I was hired immediately because the Doctor's office was familiar with Mr. Art and the caliber of training that you recieve at The New Millennium Training Center. This is one of those real schools where you get your money's worth.

Margaret T.
4:57 pm on April 26, 2011
Being a Medical Assistant has made me feel like a true part of the healthcare industry. I'm qualified to actually perform phlebotomy & ecg's and I know about office procedures like billing and proper record management. My MD's office likes me and I believe I have a future here with a respectable yearly income and career ladder. My instructor was the very best you could ever have.

3:29 pm on April 22, 2011
The New Millennium Training Center is a great school.Mr.Art & Michelle are wonderful and kindhearted.Marie(the instructor) taught me all I needed to know to become a CNA ,she is a great teacher very sweet and kind woman.I am very glad to have had the opportunity to attend TNMTC it was a great experience for me and I hope to be back at the school soon for the LPN program if it becomes available.Thank you Mr.Art,Michelle and last but not least Marie.

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